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Skin Gym Gift Box

What’s in the Box:

Floral Dew | Face Mist   50 ml
Refreshing, toning and revitalizing while adding a burst of moisture to perfect the skin’s pH balance. The heart opening rose aroma will uplift the mood and calm the senses.

Pure Radiance | Face Oil   50 ml 
Skin transforming elixir of powerful plant and flower oils to deeply moisturize and to accelerate the skin’s natural reparation processes while blissfully relaxing the senses.

Jade Facial Tool
Stretches and relaxes neck and facial muscles and tissues. Instantly lifts, plumps and firms the skin and the tissues. Boosts circulation of oxygen-rich blood and stagnant energy (Qi) and stimulates lymphatic drainage to move along fluid and waste and reduce puffiness. Moves stagnant blood that contributes to dark circles and under-eye bags. Brightens complexion and improves tone and texture. Also, great to clear sinus congestion and tension headaches and can improve mental clarity, and reducing brain fog.

Head Band | 100% Biodegradable
100% Natural and completely biodegradable soft headband to protect your hair from the facial ingredients.

Self-care Ritual Card
Follow the steps on the card for the ultimate self-care experience!

The Box € 65 (worth € 105)

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Wat een kwaliteit en wat een kundig advies al ruim 12,5 jaar klant hier en super tevreden! Is er een betere optie voor je huid.. dan weet Yvonne dit! Heel tevreden. lees meer

- Laura - via Facebook

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