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What’s in the Box:

Salty Me | Body Polish   100 g
Exfoliates dead skin with magnesium, sea salt and plant oils, while stimulating circulation, soothing tired muscles, leaving the body and mind alive and rejuvenated.

Energy Booster | Bath Soak   150 g
Stabilizing and strengthening blend of magnesium, chlorella, clay and revitalizing aromatherapy oils to restore physical, mental and emotional balance and strength.

Ocean Skin Food | Body Oil   50 ml
Moisturizing and skin soothing blend of healing seaside botanicals, seaweed and uplifting aromatherapy oils to supercharge skin and elevate your mood.

Pick me Up | Aromatherapy Remedy   10 ml
Uplifting and stimulating blend of essential oils to clear the mind, re-organize thoughts and to sweep away mental fogginess.

Self-care Ritual Card
Follow the steps on the card for the ultimate self-care experience!

The Box € 65 (worth € 104,50)

€ 65,00 Inclusief 21% BTW
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